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Learners’ material of Week 1

It’s nice to have time and visit the MOOC Camp during the weekend. I read all the comments again and collected what seemed to be relevant for me in the Learners’ Materials page. You did great work in this first week of the MOOC Camp! In our MOOC approach the role of the moderator and convener is an important one.  Thomas and I look, what’s happening, we are reacting, commenting, collecting useful information. With our work we try to make the MOOC environment more friendly and engaging, we aim to strengthen learners’ motivation. Of course in the MOOC Camp we are a rather small…
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What’s happening in week one?

We are at the end of a rather intense MOOC week. About fifty learners officially signed up, and as much where active at the website. At the moment there are about 200 comments on the website, many of them from Thomas and me of course, but also many from the learners. The MOOC environment Each learning environment is confusing at the beginning. We all remember students straying around in the campus, searching for their classrooms. One could imagine that in an e-learning environment it’s easier to develop clear structures. Unfortunately it isn’t. At the moment I am still a bit confused and…
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How to build week 1 in the MOOC camp

If you take a look at the What to learn in this MOOC page, you can see that Thomas and I will support you in this first week as facilitators (or experts – or how you want to call us – which means that we know stuff about a MOOC) and as moderators (or conveners – or how you want to call us – which means that we will support you on your first steps in our MOOC camp). In Week 1 in this MOOC camp between Monday 7.11. and Sunday 13.11.2016 you will gain some insights on how to learn in our MOOC,…
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