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Jutta and Thomas discuss week 2 and the importance of text in a MOOC

Time goes by very quickly and here we are, already in week 2 of our MOOC Camp – therefore Jutta and Thomas discussed in a short video chat, what to expect in week 2 and if text creation is still important and relevant in the age of video and animated content. Check it out – and sorry that my hair is messy, Thomas didn’t warn me. Week 2 contains one page of content: Week 2: About text in a MOOC and three assignments. Don’t forget that there is no obligation for you to do all the assignments. Of course you will profit…
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How to build week 2 & 3 in the MOOC Camp

Next Monday we will start with our MOOC camp and we are already rather excited about it. Week 1 This week as previously described should provide you with a good start into the MOOC Camp. But what about Week 2 and Week 3? Week 2 focusses on text in MOOCs. In a MOOC of course there’s text to structure the weeks, to give some information around videos and assignments. Some MOOCs contain a lot of video material, prepared for  learners who love to learn by watching videos. Our MOOC Camp focusses on exercises and learners’ activities. Using templates you will concretize your…
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