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Rhythm in a MOOC

In week 2 we can perceive the rhythm in this MOOC, the waves of interaction and silence. Preparation On Sunday evening we publicized the new content of week 2. We scheduled the post of introduction for Monday morning. Silence ! On Monday there was silence, nothing happened – a challenge for us moderators! We run and check: do all the links work? Did we provide all necessary information? We met and discussed this silence and tried to put our minds at ease by making jokes. On Tuesday I decided to motivate learners with a new post. It was important that there are already…
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What’s happening in week one?

We are at the end of a rather intense MOOC week. About fifty learners officially signed up, and as much where active at the website. At the moment there are about 200 comments on the website, many of them from Thomas and me of course, but also many from the learners. The MOOC environment Each learning environment is confusing at the beginning. We all remember students straying around in the campus, searching for their classrooms. One could imagine that in an e-learning environment it’s easier to develop clear structures. Unfortunately it isn’t. At the moment I am still a bit confused and…
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How do you really build a MOOC?

In the middle of week 1 in our MOOC Camp I’m reflecting on our approach. We have a real motivation for this AtLETyc MOOC Camp – we promised the ‘EU’ in our project proposal of the AtLETyc project that we will build a MOOC to activate and support learning across borders and for diverse learners with individual learning experiences / backgrounds. Therefore the idea to build and offer a MOOC about how to build a MOOC was a nice and appreciated idea at our kick-off meeting. And it resonates well with learners in the MOOC Camp who aren’t part of the AtLETyc project.…
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