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Finalizing the MOOC Camp

Officially the MOOC Camp has finished. But the flexibility of time is one of the beauties of online learning 🙂 There are some days left to finish the assignments in the MOOC Camp for those who want to get a badge – deadline: 30. November. It would be great if learners who aim for the badge deliver the reflection assignment as well. Nevertheless learners can learn and engage in the MOOC Camp after this deadline as well. The moderation will continue during the whole week. I’m happy that you have uploaded the first videos in assignment 7. To profit from…
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Feedback to the assignments of week 2

Dear learners, I’m very excited about your work with regard to the assignments 3,4,5. You got involved into the topic of week 2 and did a good job to develop concrete ideas for your future MOOC! When you are reading my feedback please keep in mind that it’s only the opinion of one person. Don’t take me too serious. If my thoughts are useful, implement them, if not forget them! And … Thomas and I as well didn’t fulfill all the requirements in this MOOC Camp 😉 Assignment 3 First I found it amazing that some of you wrote an introductory text for…
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