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How will the video chat work?

Next Wednesday 16. November 17:00 (CET) a video chat will take place in the MOOC Camp. You may ask: What’s that? And how will it work? We are using the Hangout on Air tool of Google. To get a first impression you can take a look at one of the video chats of the cope15-MOOC There’s one person in the middle of the screen, this is Rupert speaking. And there are small windows at the bottom where you can see the video of the other participants. In the small window at the left you can read Rupert’s name (if your eyes work well enough, I…
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What are MOOCs about?

What is the basic idea behind MOOCs? MOOCs were developed to make university courses accessible for everyone who’s interested and wants to join, regardless to where people reside or their financial capabilities. That’s why MOOCs are basically open and accessible for everyone. That premise is also the root of the name MOOC: Massive Open Online Course. With time different MOOC models were developed, like the more university-scheduled xMOOC or the cMOOC, with looser structures and more user responsibility. One big further advantage of a MOOC is the possibility to connect and network with people you might would have never seen…
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How to build week 1 in the MOOC camp

If you take a look at the What to learn in this MOOC page, you can see that Thomas and I will support you in this first week as facilitators (or experts – or how you want to call us – which means that we know stuff about a MOOC) and as moderators (or conveners – or how you want to call us – which means that we will support you on your first steps in our MOOC camp). In Week 1 in this MOOC camp between Monday 7.11. and Sunday 13.11.2016 you will gain some insights on how to learn in our MOOC,…
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