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In the AtLETyc project (http://atletyc.eu/) we will provide a MOOC for athletes to give them an educational training program on Entrepreneurship at postsecondary (VET and tertiary) level.

In this MOOC we will train the AtLETyc project partners how to create a MOOC and everybody who is interested into our approach to MOOCs is welcome as well.

To give you the real MOOC feeling we will use all elements of a MOOC which we will create in the AtLETyc MOOC as well.

Week 1: Getting started and socialize

Jutta Pauschenwein & Thomas Sommerer (supporting you as facilitators and moderators)

Monday 7.11. – Sunday 13.11.2016

To learn in a MOOC requires specific competences.

Description: In this week we will support you in gaining an insight into our MOOC concept, in reflecting about competences for learning in a MOOC and in sharing the competences and networks you will bring into our MOOC.

Learning objectives: You will

  • get familiar with the concept of this MOOC
  • socialize with the other learners in the MOOC
  • reflect about your competences and networks

Week 2: Text in MOOCs

Jutta Pauschenwein & Thomas Sommerer (supporting you as facilitators and moderators)

Monday 14.11. – Sunday 20.11.2016

Let’s discuss learning materials for a MOOC!

Description: There are many resources in the web about e-learning materials. E-learning materials can be very sophisticated or very simple. In our understanding of learning open and diverse materials are best which engage and stimulate learners. In this week we focus un text.

Learning objectives: You will

  • produce an introductory text for your MOOC (week)
  • create objectives for your MOOC (week)
  • develop a first version of an assignment for your MOOC (week)

Week 3: Multimedia in MOOCs and reflection

Doris Kiendl-Wendner & Thomas Sommerer (supporting you as facilitators and moderators)

Monday 21.11. – Sunday 27.11.2016

MOOCs are about videos, aren’t they?

Description: In this week you will think about pictures and videos because an only text MOOC would be a sad learning experience. Furthermore as week 3 is our last MOOC there will be time to reflect about the individual learning experiences.

Learning objectives: You will

  • provide images for your MOOC (week)
  • think about videos and produce a short video
  • reflect your learning experience in a MOOC


  1. Natasa

    Very interesting learning objectives! Sounds like fun too 🙂

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein

      Sure, it will be fun 🙂


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