Week 2: Assignment 4 Create learning objectives


Learners in a MOOC want know what they will learn in the MOOC. The learning objectives in combination with the title of your MOOC will be crucial to motivate learners to join your MOOC. The learning objective describes what a learner is expected to learn from the assigment. It gives the learner an idea how and with what respect he or she will profit from learning.

The Arizona University offers a nice description about learning objectives. If you klick on the link it connects you to an “objective builder” and here I recommend that you watch the tutorial. Slide 2-6 gives a nice overview about learning obectives.

These were the learning objectives of week 1 in the MOOC Camp:

  • get familiar with the concept of this MOOC
  • socialize with the other learners in the MOOC
  • reflect about your competences and network


Define learning objectives for your MOOC


Post the information as a comment to this page – or put the text somewhere in the web and post a link to this web page (where you already posted assignment 3 and continue now with assignment 4) 

  • Ask yourself what your future learnes should learn in your MOOC week or your MOOC (don’t waste time to think about the MOOC itself, don’t asl yourself if your idea about a MOOC, or a MOOC week works – but take your idea of your MOOC and start!)
  • Define two or three objectives for your MOOC (week). They don’t have to be perfect, because you will get feedback 🙂


Read the assignment carefully and reflect upon your understanding of the task and how you would carry it out. Maybe you want to discuss this aspect already with the other learners in the MOOC Camp, before you start to work on the learning objectives.

Read the objectives of the other learners and share your thoughts in a comment to your colleagues!


  1. Irena Valantine

    Acronym: LEADSPO

    Learning objectives:
    – will know the core knowledge of leadership and its theoretical expression,
    – understand the principles of command leadership and coaching
    – understand the essence of ethical leadership and be able to apply it in practice.

    LEADSPO content will cover topics:
    – Leadership in an organization
    – Team leadership
    – Inspiring leadership and emotional intelligence
    – Ethical leadership

  2. Giedre Gudaityte

    Learning objectives in week 1:

    Innovative organizations;
    Institutional framework for innovativeness;
    Management innovativeness;
    Drivers of management innovativeness;
    The framework of organizational innovativeness;


    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Dear Giedre, thanx for the content of your week. What are the learning objectives? Here you should state what the learners will achieve when they engage with the content. Bye, Jutta

  3. Valeria Gherardini

    Acronym of 16-Mooc: Entrepreneurs Through Sport

    Learning objectives:
    – describe the basic entrepreneurial skills you have been developing through sport
    – describe the basic entrepreneurial skills your sports friend have been developing through sport
    – assess the basic entrepreneurial skills a sport environment allow to develop as a result of your own research

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Hi Valeria, I like your learning objectives which seems to be specific learning objectives. Will you use them for one week of your MOOC? Bye, Jutta

      1. Valeria Gherardini

        Yes Jutta, the proposal is of a weekly mooc, therefore the assignment are produced consistently with them

      2. Valeria Gherardini

        moreover, the link you provided to the objective builder was very useful! I will use it in other contexts as well! Thanks

        1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)


  4. Tanja

    Learning objectives of Communication MOOC:

    1. Learning about nonverbal channels and what each of them conveys.
    2. Considering congruence of verbal and nonverbal communication and learning why we should pay attention to that.
    3. Learning the techniques of active listening.
    4. Rules of communication in a conflict.

  5. Klaus Landauf

    learning objectives in week 1:

    – introducing their sport
    – describing the mental needs in the own sport
    – to see, which mental needs other sport disciplines have

  6. Bence

    Learning objectives for ct16MOOC:

    Learners will…

    …engage with online education and online course structure
    …design and formulate a script/or leading questions for the trailer
    …get familiar with (simple) technical solutions to creating course trailers


    Learning objectives (week 1) for MOOC
    • get self-confident with MOOC communications
    • share information and experiences
    • highlight the major expectations before participating MOOC

  8. Melanie

    Learning objectives of week 2 of MOOCTYPE html:

    By the end of this week you will be able to
    .) implement the basic structure of an html webpage using any editor
    .) use headlines to structure text on your webpage
    .) use preview in a browser of choice
    .) save a document in .html format

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      sound and clear objectives 🙂

  9. Captain Elizabeta

    Week 1 – Learning objectives: You will

    • get familiar with communication across the borders

    • network in groups across borders

    • experience cultural differences in interpretations

    • realize the role of culture in this exchange

  10. Corrado

    Learning objectives (week 1) for “TrainTeam” MOOC
    • get self-confident with MOOC communications
    • share information and experiences among learners
    • highlight the main expectations before attending TrainTeam MOOC
    • confirm or partially/totally modify the aims and approaches already showed in the TrainTeam MOOC

  11. Dino

    -MOOCOOL as instrument for networking
    -Developing own strategy and able to asses needs
    -Developing different business models

  12. Paolo Brustio

    Learning objects of FATO: week one

    • To introduce yourself and your general competence in the field.
    • To share your expectation about the FATO.
    • To reflect about the consequences of falling in older adults.
    • To provide personal experiences about physical training to prevent fall in older people.

  13. Marc

    Learning objectives of MyFinance:

    – Basic principles of financial reporting
    – Importance of communicating financial issues
    – Structure of a financial report
    – Creating a supporting environment in your company
    – Financial stages of your project
    – Estimating the risk of an audit situation

  14. Andrea Landauf

    Learning objecitves of GEMRA week 1

    – Socialise with the other participants
    – Identify stereotypes you have of the other
    – Reflect on stereotypes people have about your country


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