Week 3: Videorize your MOOC

You can visualize your E-Learning content not only with pictures but also with videos. Especially nowadays online users are used to watch video content. YouTube has become the biggest provider of online videos, with a huge variety of contents from all sorts of users. But even magazines and newspapers start to display their contents with video.

Online users become more and more used to videos to consume their contents – so do MOOC leaners as well.

Why are videos so successful online?

According to a study already 69 percent of the entire traffic on the web is related to video (with an increasing tendency). One reason why they are so successful, is because they summarize information in a short amount of time. In additionthey trigger emotions as well and so their content stays longer with the viewer/learner. Videos have the perfect characterstics for learning on the web: they are short, informational and entertaining.

But keep in mind, that users tend to skip the textual contents and go straight to the video content.

How to use videos in a MOOC

Use video content from the web

Videos on the web can be used to introduce a topic and to give an overview. Go to Youtube and you will find hundreds of tutorials and lectures about different topics.Check out for instance Khan Academy or search for any topic you’re interested in an add the tag “tutorial”.

For your specific content you are challanged to produce your own video!

Use video chats

Video chats are an easy way to create video content for your MOOC! You can introduce yourself with a video message and create a personal connection with the learners.

Video hangout sessions are a great way for discussions with a group of people or experts and create a personal learning environment. Furthermore the learners can watch the videos live or in the future and there is the possibility to save the video chat and upload them, f.e. to Youtube, so learners can watch the conversation anytime and anywhere.

A nice provider for online video chats is google hangout. Check out this video tutorial to see, how to use that video conversation tool.

Create your own video

Again, be creative and don’t relay on other contents, because they will probuably not fit a 100 percent to your contents. Shoot a short video with your cellphone or any video recording device and create something informational and/or entertaining for the learners. The videos don’t have to be perfect, but they help to give the learner a nice variation on learning contents.

Don’t be afraid!

The videos you create don’t have to be perfect or have a high end production level! You don’t have to be a perfect actor/actress as well! Create something to bring your message across with the available tools you have – that is more then sufficiant and enough!

For instance, in the cope15 MOOC, there was a video produced, that explained what a MOOC is in styrian accent. 🙂

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