Week 3: Assignment 6: Upload your picture

Take a look at the images we used in the MOOC Camp. Reflect what you like and why. If you want share your perception with us.


Reflect the use of images in a MOOC and produce an image (or images)


Post a photo from you or a picture that says something about you or means something to you!

  • Take a picture of yourself or
  • find a picture online, which is allowed to be used and shared. Write in a few sentences why you chose that picture and how the picture is associated with you – be creative and intuitive, there is no right or wrong basically πŸ˜‰
  • And if you are part of the AtLETyC MOOC Team, think about pictures you may use in your own MOOC week (about your theme, about yourself, etc.) Take a look at the team page where we presented ourselves in this MOOC Camp.

If you are already able to use an image editing software, use it and combine one or two pictures, add some text, etc.!


Give appreciative feedback to the images posted by other learners.

Links to the contents of week 3:



  1. Irena Valantine

    The hidden message of this picture is: BE THE FIRST AS A LEADER IN SPORT. TAKE YOUR CHANCE.



    1. Jutta Pauschenwein

      Fun idea!

  2. Giedre Gudaityte

    I also share my memories from Turkey.



    1. Jutta Pauschenwein

      great ones πŸ™‚

  3. Valeria Gherardini

    referring to the weekly mooc SPORT4ENTREP this picture would like to stress the focus on the value of sport as a tool for developing skills from the beginning of an athlete for all his/her career, it could be used as the image for the introduction of the weekly mooc


  4. Bence

    I chose this picture, because it reminds of my home. Although I was born in Hungary I grew up in Austria, having moved there at the age of 6. But I still spent almost all summers, holidays and weekends at the Balaton for many years. Since then, I have also lived in Sweden and the Netherlands. So this picture always helps me to connect, and I try to get a refresher whenever I am back home so I can “connect” a feeling to this picture.

    I feel like connecting emotion with an online environment or content is a very interesting factor in distance learning and online learning in general. It is always a challenging task to make participants feel welcome and make it feel personal and somewhat natural. I really liked all the pictures you used in this MOOC because they were pleasant and natural, and they didn’t necessarily imply the work that was about to be done – so I think that is a good idea to use more or less random pictures. I think they can be more helpful than just using simple coloring for an introduction or diagrams to illustrate something.


  5. Tamas

    Hi there,
    Here is the lead image of my MOOC entitled “Hang the Boots, Take New Roots”. It was taken in a lego store and I tried to connect it with the concept of identity and the multitude of roles we play in life. Hope it’s not too didactic though.


    1. Jutta Pauschenwein

      That’s a nice idea, Tamas πŸ™‚

  6. Paolo Brustio

    Hello everybody

    Here I post a picture about my MOOC FATO (FAll prevention and Training in Older adults).
    I have chosen this picture to arise the idea that physical training is not only a question of appearance, but a matter of well-being. It is not only for the young but also for older people in order to be active and prevent the physical decline occurring during the aging process.


    1. Thomas Sommerer

      Hi paolo. I think that’s a good picutres because it fits perfectly to your message/information – good choice!

  7. Marc

    Hello everybody,

    the left part of this collage is a public domain picture from pixabay and the right one is a snapshot I made in Graz, Austria, when a cloud phenomenon occurred. I like the atmosphere of the photos.
    The snapshot I made shows, that sometimes you can shoot spectacular photos yourself.
    To me a good photo-text combination should answer questions and should leave enough space for phantasy and inspiration.


    1. Thomas Sommerer

      Yes Marc, that’s a great example. If you go out and take pictures yourself it often be a better choice then stock pictures – because you’ve got a personal connection as well! Great picture! Thomas

  8. Corrado

    I posted my pictures and sentences as follows


    1. Thomas Sommerer

      Hi Corrado, good choice! Always take care, that your picture source allows the re-use. Best regards, Thomas

  9. Slavenko Likić

    Good evening everybody,

    This is a photo from one little park in Sarajevo. At the wooden sign behind me is written “In nature, leave only traces of your feet”.

    That is how I actually feel about way of life and respect not only for the nature itself, but also people around us.


    1. Thomas Sommerer

      Good quote & good attitude Slavenko! πŸ™‚

  10. Andrea Landauf

    Hi everybody,

    I have chosen two pictures. On represents my MOOC Topic and the other one is my favourite pictures of myself. πŸ™‚
    What do you think?


    1. Andrea Landauf



    2. Thomas Sommerer

      Thanks for your pictures! How would you describe the connection between your MOOC topic and the global map? And where was the second picture taken? πŸ™‚ Best regards, Thomas

  11. Captain Elizabeta

    Here I am playing with the sun. I love the sea and I love the sun. The sun gives us life, joy and hope. This evening was warm and calm. Everything is peaceful. I love this picture.


    1. Thomas Sommerer

      Great! πŸ™‚

  12. Captain Elizabeta

    I agree with you Jutta. I also use likeable pictures of me online. This can definitely be seen from people. And I like to cooperate more with likeable people too, especially online and if I don’t know them personally.

  13. Tomas

    Image for the MOOC Camp. Picture related to the mine MOOC learning topic – light bulb and blackboard. I chose this picture because nowadays light bulb is the iconic symbol of new ideas and inventions and the blackboard is the place where you can explore them, plan your works, and further develop it. (Picture from:https://www.pexels.com/photo/idea-bulb-paper-sketch-8704/)


    1. Thomas Sommerer

      Good choice! But is learning always about new ideas or sharing existing ideas as well? πŸ˜›

  14. Saulius Sukys

    Saulius Sukys. I am teacher at Lithuanian Sports University. My research interest related with moral behaviour in sports. My as a learner interest in AtLETyC MOOC Camp is to get familiar with the concept of MOOC and also attempt to create some idea of my MOOC.


    1. Jutta Pauschenwein

      Hi Saulius, I like the colors in your image. Why did you choose it, what does it mean for you? Is it a picture which you created or where did you find it? Bye, Jutta

      1. Saulius Sukys

        Dear Jutta
        This picture has several meanings. First of all we try to reach something together (in my MOOC – only together we could encourage moral behaviour). Also it could mean that in modern society, especially in modern sport morality looks something uncertain. But lastly, and maybe the main reason, this picture just very nice. Sometimes we do not need to find some meaning of something – it just beautiful (very unscientific explanation).
        I took this picture from sites you provided. By the way, Unsplash site was amazing.


  15. Jutta Pauschenwein

    This was my image for the MOOC Camp. We decided to connect ourselves with sport. The photo was taken during my last holidays in Argentine whereas the diving photo was taken in the see of the great barrier riff in Australia. I like to travel and I like these two pictures. I believe it is important that you like pictures of yourself which you use for online learning. What do you think?


    1. Thomas Sommerer

      I like the diving picture πŸ˜‰


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