Week 2: Assignment 3 Produce text



Produce a title AND an introductory text for your future MOOC – or a MOOC week


Post the information as a comment to this page – or put the text somewhere in the web and post a link to this web page in a comment (which you could use for the next assignments as well)

Think about a MOOC which you want to develop for your students, your learners, a school class, teacher colleagues, …. You are free to invent something around a subject or topic you would like to develop without any constraints as time and money 😉 (instead of a whole MOOC you can plan one week in a MOOC as well)

  • Think about the subject and formulate a title (and an acronym) for your MOOC
  • Visit the comic MOOC of Matt Silady and scroll down to the course description and read it. Then visit the success MOOC of Richard Shell and read the text ‘about this course’. Compare the text with what we wrote in the MOOC Camp in the first three paragraphs of the What to learn page.
  • Use the template (wordpdf) (if you want to) and write the title, an acronym (if you have a nice idea how to abbreviate your MOOC title) and a short introductory text about your imaginary MOOC (or your real MOOC to come!). When you finished put the text you created in a web page (and post the link) or in the comment section.


Give feedback to the introductory texts of other learners.

Learners’ texts for this assignment

In this page we collect the contributions of the learners 🙂


  1. Irena Valantine

    Subject: How to lead the sport?

    Title: LEADSPO

    Description: The LEADSPO MOOC cources introduces the basic concepts and theories of leadership through successful and inspiring examples of leadership. Learners will be taught to determine their personal leader traits, identify leader roles in a group and team building. They will be taught to apply the methods and principles of coaching and ethical leadership in practice.

    LEADSPO content will cover topics:
    Week 1: Leadership in an organization
    Week 2: Team leadership
    Week 3: Inspiring leadership and emotional intelligence
    Week 4: Ethical leadership
    Week 5: Coaching

    Learning objective:
    At the end of the LEADSPO course learners will get the core knowledge of leadership and its theoretical expression, understand the principles of command leadership and coaching as well as the essence of ethical leadership and be able to apply it in practice.

  2. Valeria Gherardini

    Subject: As a lead athlete, do you want to become an entrepreneur in the future? If yes, this Mooc learning week was designed to help you to define to what extent your sport experience helped/ is helping you to be already an entrepreneur. AICS, an italian association of sport promotion enrolled at CONI (Italian Olympic Committee), created this Mooc learning week to support you to analyse and reflect on the value of your sport experience in developing entrepreneurial skills.

    Title: Discovery your entrepreneurial skills through sport

    Acronym of 16-Mooc: Entrepreneurs Through Sport

    This learning week will enhace you to find out your inspiring examples of your dailylife as a lead athlete and to share them with other learners in order to detect insights and to reflect on how the sport practice itself and the sport envinroment you have been involving in promoted/ is promoting your self-confidence, your basic soft and hard skills as entrepreneur. Get ready to the journey, then, we propose to reevaluate your past and present experiences as a lead athlete to detect the resources you already have as a starting point for your future successful career as entrepreneur.

    Furthermore during this learning week you will be guided to do a research involving your sports colleagues to share the main key-drivers of sport envinroment for developing basic entrepreneurial skills.

    Questions which we will try to tackle are: what kind of sport practical experiences allowed you to develop basic entrepreneurial skills? What kind of sports rules you have been practicing allowed you to develop entrepreneurial skills? According to your personal experience who are two sport-models you have been collaborating with who can be told to be entrepreneurs?

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Hi Valera, I added your text to the learners’ page as well. http://www.atletycmooccamp.eu/?page_id=296 And try to find a shorter acronym for your MOOC, as for example cope15 😉 Bye, Jutta

      1. Valeria Gherardini

        thanks Jutta, I would then propose SPORT4Entrep as a shorter acronym, what do you think about?

        1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

          yes, that’s a nice idea 🙂

  3. Tomas

    Subject: The sports industry is a multi-billion euro sector that continues expanding at accelerated pace. In order for this growth to maintain sustainable, innovation is needed. A rising generation of fans, athletes, teams, performers, media players, and sponsors are seeking innovative technologies that span from the stadium to the streets. In order to tackle following objections it requires a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach, therefore we would like to suggest online course on idea development and prototyping.
    Title: Tech innovation in sport industry
    Acronym: TIiS-Lab
    Introduction: In the TIiS-Lab course we will provide a MOOC training on the ideation, idea development, and prototype creation. This course will be divided into 4 weeks:
    Week 1 – Ideation. You will learn to use this creative process for generating, developing, and communicating new ideas, where an idea is understood as a basic element of thought that can be either visual, concrete, or abstract. Ideation comprises all stages of a thought cycle, from innovation, to development, to actualization. As such, it is an essential part of the design process, both in education and practice.
    Week 2 – Business Model Canvas. You will use BMC template for developing new selected business ideas. This will help you to visualize it with elements describing a firm’s or product’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances.
    Week 3 – Prototyping. You will create an early sample of a product built to test a concept/process.
    Week 4 – Idea pitching. You will prepare PPT presentation for you colleagues. Each team will comment two aspects of it: a) what they liked about it; b) what you need – to think about/to improve
    Task 1 –Each participant has to think minimum 2 ideas related to the sport industry, and by using NABC methodology present it. All necessary materials is in folder: Reading materials – week 1.

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Hi Tomas, thanx for your text, I inserted it into the learners’ page http://www.atletycmooccamp.eu/?page_id=296 and removed the ‘-‘ in the acronym. There should be no ‘-‘ or ‘_’ in an acronym because it doesn’t work well in twitter. Bye, Jutta

  4. Giedre Gudaityte

    Subject: Management of innovative activity in business

    Intruduction: Experiences of modern innovative society confirm the crucial importance of innovations for economic develop and international competitiveness, and emphasize complexity of national innovation system, and its demanding formulation and establishment. In that framework the key role play management, since it must creates and also assures suitable conditions for innovativeness in organization (i.e. for all organizational members – employees)

    The AtLETyC MOOC covers subjects is Online Lecture which will be organized as follows.

    First, we outline typical characteristics of low and high innovative organizations. Second we focus on drivers of management innovativeness, since management must create and maintain appropriate requirements for innovative working and behavior of organization and its members. In this framework we consider management attitudes towards innovativeness. Third, we outline the role and importance of management innovativeness (i.e. and its attitudes towards innovative working and behavior) for creating or preserving necessary pre-conditions and other requirements for increasing innovativeness in organization. At the end we discuss typical characteristics of drivers of management innovativeness in low and high innovative organizations.

    Learning objectives:
    Innovative organizations;
    Institutional framework for innovativeness;
    Management innovativeness;
    Drivers of management innovativeness;
    The framework of organizational innovativeness;

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Hi Giedre, I put your ideas into http://www.atletycmooccamp.eu/?page_id=296 Bye, Jutta

  5. Lili

    Subject: Fair play issues in the European team sports’ business
    The course discusses one of the European team sports’ main business challenges, the fair play issues.

    Title: Fair play and business – can be named them on the same platform?

    Acronym: FFP-MOOC

    Description of Week 1:
    The European promotion and relegation system is traditionally imbalanced, and its sports results are influenced by the amounts spent on players’ salaries. Before the introduction of Financial Fair Play (FFP), clubs’ expenditure on wages were not constrained by anybody or anything – although European clubs are very rarely profitable, and are very often in crisis. At the same time, bankruptcy is also very uncommon. Through FFP the European association restricts unlimited spending and tries to slow down or stop the growth of differences among UEFA-markets or leagues.

    – Identify the key points of the Financial Fair Play regulation.
    – The national first divisions are grouped by UEFA according to the type of markets. Describe them.
    – Your football championship belongs to which type? Why is it important for your domestic championship to keep the regulation of FFP?

    Learning objectives: by the end of this week learners will be
    – familiar with the concept of the European and the American franchise leagues’ business models
    – familiar with the concept of the Financial Fair Play
    – aware of the responsibility of club owners and club representatives
    – able to reflect on fair play issues in sport business

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Hi Lili, you acronym is a short one 🙂 You could use FFP2017. I put your ideas as well into http://www.atletycmooccamp.eu/?page_id=296 Bye, Jutta

  6. Tanja

    Subject: Communication in sport
    In this MOOC week we will discuss some characteristics of communication, mainly we will focus on importance of nonverbal communication, the congruence of verbal and nonverbal communication. We will also discuss active listening and rules of discussing a conflict.
    1.What can we convey through nonverbal communication?
    2. Congruence of verbal and nonverbal communication – why should we pay attention to that?
    3. How to listen actively
    4. How to behave when discussing a conflict?

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Hi Tanja, your can find your text in http://www.atletycmooccamp.eu/?page_id=296 as well. It is a first step which could be expanded with some background information which motivates learners 😉 Bye, Jutta

  7. Klaus Landauf

    subject: Mental strenghtness in sport

    In this MOOC we will show athletes what they can do, to provide their own and best performance under pressure.
    Titel: performance and mind

    1 week: introducing themselves, introducing which kind of sport they are practicing and what they are thinking which needs from mental sight their sport has.

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Hi Klaus, I like your outline. For a real MOOC you should provide more and friendlier information 😉 Bye, Jutta

  8. Bence

    Subject: Course Trailer Workshop
    ctMOOC will cover the process of designing and creating a trailer for your online-course. We will talk about the basic ingredients for a successful trailer for an online course: the purpose of it, the design, the technical and practical aspect and its content.


    Introduction to the ct16MOOC:
    An online learning environment and its online courses offer a unique challenge to students and lecturers alike. Although technology and various online tools gives everyone the opportunity to connect in more direct way, there are still substantial differences between common university courses/buildings and an online campus.

    This MOOC offers lecturers and teachers a concept for creating an engaging experience for their online courses by providing the students with proper introductory videos. This MOOC will focus on the concept of course trailers, on the technical and practical aspects of recording and producing a course trailer, and most importantly how to develop content for a course trailer.

    Week 1 in ct16MOOC:
    First, it is important to understand why course trailers are needed, for this purpose, the first week will focus on the differences between ‘traditional course catalogues’ and how online courses are promoted. Learners will discuss these differences and formulate clear goals for ‘traditional’ courses and online courses.

    By introducing learners to the concept of online courses and online universities, teachers and lecturers in universities with ‘traditional’ settings can also benefit from learning the difference, and engage with the medium of online education.

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Hi Bence, I inserted your ideas into http://www.atletycmooccamp.eu/?page_id=296 and I like the idea of your MOOC a lot. I will sign up! Bye, Jutta


    Subject: “MOOC Educate sport”
    is a training program dedicated to ex athletes
    From professional athletes to managers and successful entrepreneurs. The career of a sportsman ends, but life continues after and can still give a lot of opportunities. Among these is “”Educate sport”, the training program reserved for the help and support of former athletes eager to reinvent entrepreneurs. The project aims to provide the “know-how” economic, financial and management need to plunge.

    Objective: sport and business have in common the commitment, challenge and respect for rules. “Educate sport” aims to train athletes to new competitions, entrepreneurial and managerial training them on specific issues.

    Introduction to week 1
    MOOC will be a platform where it will be provided for a series of meetings on topics related to “after-career” to train participants on financial and motivational topics.
    Objective: knowing each other and expectations from the TrainTeam MOOC

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Ciao Roberto, I inserted your text as well http://www.atletycmooccamp.eu/?page_id=296 – and did you think about an acronym for your MOOC? Bye, Jutta


        I have to change the title?

        1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

          You don’t have to change it. For MOOCs it’s nice to have a title and an acronym as for example Moral values and behavior in sports – MOBS – ‘MOBS’ is the acronym. It could be #mobs16 as well.

  10. Melanie

    Subject: Design Webpages using HTML and CSS

    This online course covers the basics of webdesign using HTML 5 and CSS3. It is part of module 2 in computer science at Abendgymnasium Graz. We support online exchange and interaction between students and provide suitable materials for your learning success.

    Titel: Webdesign using HTML/CSS


    Introduction to the MOOCTYPE html:
    You will get basic knowledge on how to structure a webpage using HTML5 and how do design it using CSS3. This MOOC is carried out in the Moodle platform. Here all the information and assignments are provided

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Hi Melanie, I inserted your text into http://www.atletycmooccamp.eu/?page_id=296 – I believe you should add 2-3 sentences about benefit for the learner or how learners will interact, have fun? Bye, Jutta

  11. Tamas

    Subject: Roles in Sport and out of Sport

    The approach is to enhance common thinking and sharing experiences related to ending an elite athletic career and the possible pathways of moving forward. The course takes a sport sociological perspective as a framework and has been designed to focus on some key issues related to social roles and mobility.

    Title: Hang the Boots, Take New Routes

    Acronym: B2R_MOOC

    Introduction to B2R
    In this MOOC we aim to create a platform for former and current elite athletes and coaches to share ideas and experience in connection with career transition.

    How do you see your life after sport? Is it after sport at all? Is it something completely different?
    Let others know how you manage and learn from others.

    Description of Week 1.
    In this week, we introduce the concept of social roles and raise awareness to the fact that we have several of them. At times one role is more important than the other, as is the case with elite athletes. Then we get a chance to adjust the balance in favour of other roles.

    Task 1: Write some thoughts and reflections about the following 4 questions. You can answer them one by one or in a chunk.
    What are/were your roles in your sportlife?
    What were your roles in your civil life?
    What roles would you like to continue to play?
    What are your assets to achieve this?

    Learning objectives:

    By the end of the Week 1 learners will be
    – familiar with the MOOC platform
    – a little bit familiar with the learning community they will be involved in
    – aware of what social roles play in our identity
    – able to reflect on the roles they play

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Hi Tamas, I like your text and put it in page http://www.atletycmooccamp.eu/?page_id=296 . Two short remarks: the use of underline in an acronym should be avoided because it’s difficult, hard to see with twitter hashtags for example. And don’t use abbreviations, ‘normal’ people don’t know them 😉 Bye. Jutta

  12. Saulius

    Hello for everyone

    Actually I am a little be confused with all this material (video and so on). But anyway, I tried to prepare something. So here the first draft of my idea.

    Subject: How to encourage moral values and behavior in sports

    Title: Moral values and behavior in sports

    Acronym: MOBS

    Introduction to MOBS
    This MOOC aim to create a network of students, athletes, coaches to share their knowledge, experience in moral beahvior education through sports activities. After this course participants will know the meaning of moral behavior in sports, determinants of such behahvior and also different strategies how to encourage such behavior. Also in this course we will focus on cultural differences related with values and behavior as well as parental involvement in sports activities. Inclusion of the parents will let us better understant educational interaction between coaches, athletes and parents.

    Description of Week 1.
    In this week, we will introduce each other and define expectation of everyone. Also we will share our knowledge related with the suvbject of the course.

    Learning objects:
    to introduce yourself in the field.
    to share your expectation about the MOBS.
    to share your knowledge about MOBS.

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Hi Saulius, you write that you are confused, but I like your text and the acronym MOBS 🙂 I added your ideas to the page where I collect your contributions to assignment 3 http://www.atletycmooccamp.eu/?page_id=296 Bye, Jutta

  13. Dino

    MOOCOOL for Strategy Development

    Subject: How to develop our own stretegy
    MOOCOOL will provide basic information and knowledge how to develop our strategy and define our mission , vision and goal. The highly interactive on –line course integrates content from foundational courses such as economics, human resource management, marketing, supply chain/operations management, accounting, and finance with the development of analytical, communication, and teamwork skills.
    How Athletes can develop appropriate strategy in accordance with their interest for future business .
    Acronym: MOOCOOL
    Task 1. Introduction to the MOOCOOL Strategy Developments
    Task 2. Developing of Mission and Vision
    Task 3. CASE – experience strategy development, implementation, and organizational control through group interaction.
    Task 4. Introduction to QA tool as instruments for appropriate analysis and needs.
    Task 5 Developing content for strategy

    Upon successful completion of MOOCOOL, students will be able to:
    1. Generate effective solutions to problems of organizational performance;
    2. Independently assess and/or predict business performance based on the detailed analysis of a specific problem
    3. Correctly apply concepts and theories in Strategic Management;
    5. Evaluate organizational strategies, structures, and strategy implementation;

  14. Marc

    Titel of the cope 15-MOOC: Make yourself fit for financial reporting in the field of government-funded projects

    Acronym: MyFinance


    Being successful in financial reporting is an important part of government-funded projects. New and unexperienced partners often have insufficient expertise in financial issues. Partners from countries with different mentality or loose financial regulations don’t understand our fundamental financial principles and it’s hard to convince them of the importance to communicate reporting issues in an early stage of the project. This MOOC provides a variety of examples, which make your partner fit for the next financial report. It starts with the basic structure of a report and helps participants to create a supporting environment in their company. On their way to an expert in financial reporting, participants will learn how to react proactively on future troubles and when it is time to communicate financial issues. At the end of the course every participant will be confronted with a typical audit situation. This MOOC will strongly influence the financial risk of your project.

  15. Chiara

    Subject: how to combine a sports career with the university.

    Main objective of Mooc is to provide strategies sports students, suggestions and support to better organize their dual career.
    Participants will be given the opportunity to exchange views on their experience with other members and experts.

    Title: success DC

    It is very important to us that students do not drop out of competitive career because of their university career. Sharing their experience with a group of peers and experts, will be able to adottore new techniques to complete their course of studies successfully, without having to give up the sport carreer.

  16. Paolo Brustio

    Subject: how to prevent fall in older adults with help of physical training

    The benefits of a regular exercise for fall prevention have been well established. Through this MOOC course we want to deepen the study of physical training to reduce risk of fall in older adults, including psychological issues related to fall risk, as the fear of falling. At the same time we want to offer an e-learning environment to share materials regarding physical exercise and fall prevention. This course is designed for both beginning and advanced physical training and would like to help the professionals of the sector to improve their knowledge through this topic.

    TITLE: FAll prevention and Training in Older adults

    Acronym: FATO-MOOC


    It’s very important for us to develop a strategy for improving the autonomy and the well-being of older people also considering the growing of older population. In the FATO we will provide an e-learning environment for physical trainers to deepen the fall problem in older adults. Moreover, the course aims to provide guidelines for the structuring of physical training to prevent falls. At the same time we want to create a network for physical training to share the experiences about the topic.

    The principal topics of the course will be:
    • Analysis of fall in older people (physical and physiological aspects).
    • How to assess the risk of falling in older adults.
    • To offer a training to prevent the risk of falling using scientific references.

    Introduction to week 1 in the FATO

    During the first week of the MOOC we want to help the learners to reflect about the MOOC approach. Moreover during the first week we want to know the experience of learners about fall (physical and psychological aspects) and physical training.

    Learning objects:

    • To introduce yourself and your general competence in the field.
    • To share your expectation about the FATO MOOC.
    • To reflect about the consequences of falling in the elderly.
    • To provide personal experiences about physical training to prevent fall in older people.

  17. Judit

    Subject: What can MOOC do for the Dual Career of athletes movement?
    Title: MOOC-4-DC

    Overview: With this MOOC we take actions, we take the practical approach. The course designers and providers are happy to offer you a free educational programme in which you can learn about the DC movement.
    It will partly enable YOU, the athlete or former athlete to do more for this special community. How? After completing the course, you will know the types of non-governmental and governmental, local and national level organisations in areas involved in DC: sport sector, educational sector, labour sector, social sector, and economic sector. You will know where and what to be changed in policy and practice for a more supportive environment – the one for those who wish to excel not only in sport, but in study and/or work as well.
    Your future successful activity for the athletes is based on your knowledge on DC movement. Join us!

    Week 1 in the MOOC4DC: getting familiar with the group members the general approach of dual career of athletes.

    Description: During week 1 you will get introduction to the world of e-learning and how can a learning community operate. Regarding the MOOC topic, you will learn about the main pillars of dual career movement.

    Learning objectives:
    By the end of the Week 1 learners will be
    – familiar with the MOOC platform
    – able to use basic functions of the e-learning system
    – to understand the objectives of dual career of athletes movement.

  18. Aela

    Hello everyone,

    So the first draft of my imaginary MOOC would look like something on the photo posted.

    And here is the text:

    International Cooperation in Higher Education – MooCooperation

    Course description:
    The ever growing globalization and the rise of New Technology is inevitably leaving its trace on Higher Education Institutions. In order to cope with this, each HEI is coming up with an International strategy, hoping that it will positively reflect on its educational and cooperation activities. In order to develop a strong International Cooperation, one which will likewise focus on the elements peculiar to Higher Education Institutions, it is important to get to know all the activities for which International Cooperation is responsible for.
    Therefore, this course will offer a detailed description of International activities, and guide you through developing a strategy which specifically for your HEI will bring best results. Likewise, in this course we will focus on developing skills and competencies necessary to address issues in international environment.

    WEEK 1: Every Cooperation starts with HELLO!

    Task 1: Introduce yourselves (state your name and surname, the country you come from, the HEI you are currently at and your experiences in International Cooperation)

    Task 2: Make a list of all of your activities you have performed today, stating problems and challenges you have faced in completing them (if any), and the achieved results

    Task 3: What are the competencies or skills which are needed in completing your everyday activities

    Task 4: Choose one of the participants completed Tasks 2 and offer them an advise in completing their activities, listing the necessary competencies/ skills which would have helped them.

    Learning Objectives:

    Getting to know each other
    Make yourself comfortable in international environment
    Getting to know the everyday activities of your peers
    Introducing competencies and skills of working in international cooperation


    1. Melanie

      Hi Aela,
      after the Hangout Session I feel a little as if I know you.
      What a great acronym and a very inviting text! I immediately ment to sign in for the moocooperation ;O)

    2. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Hi Aela, as Melanie I like your product and the MOOC cooperation is a very nice idea 🙂

  19. Corrado

    Subject: How to train players in team sports

    The “TrainTeam” MOOC refers to subjects regarding the sharing of materials dedicated to the general aspects of training, psychological group/team dynamics, team sport specific proposals (mainly, but not only, provided by moderators), direct and indirect experience exchanges, sharing of ideas and proposals, consequent team works focused on generating new proposals. We aims at promoting higher awareness and new reflection points about the guidelines for training players in team sports by means of the interactions of everyone who is interested in team sport training.

    Title: Training to train players in team sports

    Acronym: “TrainTeam” MOOC

    Introduction to the TrainTeam MOOC:
    In the TrainTeam MOOC, we will provide a MOOC focused onto the educational program for training in team sports in relation to methodologies related to work outs and psychological aspects. Therefore, this MOOC is useful for physical trainers, coaches, athletes, team managers, technical supervisors, talent scouts, and everyone who is interested in team sport training,.

    Do you want to be more successful in team sport clubs? Improve your knowledge on training in team sports so you will obtain the best chances in sport professional environment.

    In this MOOC, we will train how to become top professionals in team sports and how to use this knowledge to promote the players’ psycho-physical capabilities in a club, even considering the structuring of a new training approach/model which could be attractive for whole sport labor market. In particular, the TrainTeam moderators offer personalized assessments to help you to valorize your strengths. They combine these with the latest scientific insights on psyco-physical apsects related to training, from self-confidence to the relationships, to specific and new training methodologies and approaches related to different types of team sports. TrainTeam moderators share practical proposals and report useful examples which demonstrate this point of view on new frontiers to successfully train players in team sports.

    Whenever you complete the TrainTeam MOOC, you can earn a Certificate of Accomplishment (proof that you completed an online course on our platform). The dissemination of our TrainTeam MOOC proposal and our connections with the sport labor market will optimize the value of the present certificate in obtaining prestigious job positions within this professional environment.

    Week 1 in the TrainTeam MOOC: knowing each other and expectations from the TrainTeam MOOC

    Description: in this week, we will support you in getting to know each other and to define common needs and expectations which could be useful references for developing useful contents and effective teaching approaches.

    Learning objectives: You will
    – get self-confident with MOOC communications
    – share information and experiences among learners
    – highlight the main expectations before attending TrainTeam MOOC
    – confirm or partially/totally modify the aims and approaches already showed in the TrainTeam MOOC

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Great Corrado, that you produced text for a MOOC and a MOOC week 🙂 I included it into http://www.atletycmooccamp.eu/?page_id=296 t

  20. Aela

    Dear Jutta,
    Dear Thomas,

    I have a question? Unfortunately I do not have an option to post my text on a web page, and I am planning of writing my first assignment for this week as a word or pdf file. Can I post it as such? Or can I post it as a photo?
    If none of this is possible, then do I just post it in a comment box, but this limits my options….

    Best regards,

    1. Thomas Sommerer

      Hi Aela,
      you can make a screenshot and/or convert your word or pdf to an png or jpg and post it in the comment section! We have enabled that function now! 🙂

      1. Aela

        Thank you Thomas, that’s great…

  21. Andrea Landauf

    Assignment 3 (week 2 in the MOOC Camp)

    Subject: Global Citizenship Education

    Subject of the cope15-MOOC:

    GEMRA20 is dedicated to foster cooperative learning in order to understand the background of today’s problems of the world and engage learners in a communicative exchange between cultures as a basis for aiming to find global solutions to these problems.

    Titel: Global Education Mooc for Raising Awareness

    Titel of the cope 15-MOOC: Competences for Global Collaboration

    Acronym: Gemra20

    Introduction: ____________________________________________

    Introduction to the GEMRA20
    This MOOC aims to create a network for students and experts of GCED to share their thoughts, create new knowledge together and promote critical literacy by reading and reflecting on different texts and approaches together.
    Further this network should facilitate the exchange of teaching materials across the globe in order to help teachers integrate authentic intercultural material into their classrooms. Moreover it also should be a platform to exchange academic texts from different cultures and continents which might not be easily available on other continents.
    In addition, this MOOC is supposed to supply participants with material for learning, discussing and evaluation one’s own world views. This will work best in a multicultural environment because then the mind-set of people from other cultures will help participants to reflect on their views.

    Introduction to week 1 in the cope15-MOOC
    The first week will be used to get accustomed to the surrounding of the MOOC and this way of learning. It will feature e-tivities to get to know more about the other participants and their respective cultures. In addition to gaining information about other cultures, there will be an e-tivity to play with stereotypes and in doing so, confront one’s own views. This exercise should foster the notion of “learning to unlearn”

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Thanx Andrea, I included your idea in http://www.atletycmooccamp.eu/?page_id=296 to make it better visible 🙂

  22. Captain Elizabeta

    Subject: Athletes Learning Entrepreneurship

    The AtLETyC MOOC covers subjects of Intercultural Exchange, Communication & Teamwork, Presentation Skills, Business plans and Leadership in an international context. We support exchange and interaction between Athletes across borders and we hope to foster international communication and learning experience.

    Titel: Athletes Learning Entrepreneurship – A new Type of Dual Career Approach

    Acronym: AtLETyC-MOOC (2017)

    Introduction to the AtLETyC MOOC:

    In the AtLETyC project (http://atletyc.eu/), we will provide a MOOC for Athletes to give them an educational training program on Entrepreneurship.

    Do you want to run your own Business?

    In this MOOC, we will train Athletes how to become successful Entrepreneurs and how to use their well-developed characteristics as Sportspeople also outside the sport – for their own Business.

    Week 1 in the AtLETyC-MOOC: Getting to know each other and Intercultural Exchange

    Description: To learn in a MOOC requires specific competences. In this week, we will support you in getting to know each other and to realize your competences in intercultural exchange.

    Learning objectives: You will
     get familiar with communication across the borders
     network in groups across borders
     experience cultural differences in interpretations
     realize the role of culture in this exchange

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein (Post author)

      Hi Elizabeta! Great and thank you that you started with this assignment 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next texts and will give feedbacl afterwards. But I want to state now that you fulfilled the assignment well, your text is short and to the point.
      I created a new page where I put your text to make it better visible http://www.atletycmooccamp.eu/?page_id=296
      Bye, Jutta


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