Week 2: About text in a MOOC

Text in a MOOC should engage the learners, structure the learning process – in balance with the design – be well-formulated. And of course: keep it simple! In this MOOC Camp we tried to provide a simple structure with short paragraphs of text which we alternate with images and videos (but that’s the topic of week 3).


When we start thinking about a concrete MOOC with a specific subject we think about the learners. A good starting point are questions as:

What should the learners learn in our MOOC?
What should they learn in week 1 (week 2, week 3, …)?

You can find our first texts for the MOOC Camp in the overview section. We explained our ideas about the content in the page What to learn? and we wrote about our learning approach in the page How to learn? We added the time table, we wrote about the possibility to get a badge and we made a FAQ available.

In the video Jutta and Thomas speak about the importance of text in a MOOC and about the assignments they developed.


  1. Andrea Landauf

    Is the hangout from week 2 on youtube?

    1. fhjmig

      Yes it is 🙂 Copy the link into your adress bar


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