Week 1: Learning in a MOOC

E-Learning started many many years ago. For example already in the eighties physic students collaborated via email and chat (I – Jutta – was one of them). Many trends changed the experience of online learning over time but during the last years a real change happened. New technical tools gives us the possibility to interact quickly and mostly user-friendly with a lot of other people.


With respect to the interaction in MOOCs Stephen Downes states that

the learning in the course results from the activities you undertake, and will be different for each person.

(Stephen Downes, change11 MOOC)

MOOC activities

In this MOOC Camp we invite you to network and interact based on four major types of activity:

  • aggregate – which means according to Stephen to ‘pick and choose content that looks interesting to you and is appropriate for you’
  • remix – this means that you are responsible for the collection and documentation of useful stuff (offline or online)
  • repurpose – based on the material in the MOOC Camp, the assignments and interaction you are invited to ‘create something of your own
  • feed forward – to make our MOOC Camp work you should share your ideas, results, questions with others, here in the MOOC Camp or somewhere else in the web.

Be active !

In assignment 2 we invite you to reflect online collaboration and networks.

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