Jutta Pauschenwein – in this MOOC  I’m facilitator, convener and moderator. Many years ago I was a theoretical physicist, now I work at ZML-Innovative Learning Scenarios, FH JOANNEUM. I love ‘my’ online groups and am excited about our MOOC camp.

Thomas Sommerer – I’m here in this MOOC as a facilitator and moderator. I work at ZML-Innovative Learning Scenarios, FH JOANNEUM as a scientific co-worker and studied sociology and educational science in Graz. I’m interested in all sorts of new media and of course in different online learning forms.


Doris Kiendl-Wendner – I’m facilitator and moderator in week 3 of this MOOC and I love MOOCs! I am working in the department International ManagementFH JOANNEUM as head of several study degrees, lecturer and scientist.


Elizabeta Valentic – in this MOOC I carry out a double role. I am in the AtLETyc team and the “test learner” in the mooc camp. I am working in the department International ManagementFH JOANNEUM where I coordinate international scientific projects and supervise students.

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