In this list we will share some information of the learners of our AtLETyc MOOC camp – namely your (nick)name, your country, your motivation and if you want to get a bagde. It should help you (and us) to get some overview.


name / nickname country & motivation badge
Captain Elizabeta Austria – I have not participated in a MOOC yet. I am excited about the start. yes
Aela Bosnia and Herzegovina – Happy to contribute yes
Corrado Italy – like to share ideas with others and learn the approach and development of a MOOC yes
Rene Austria – Good Morning!
Marc Austria – I would like to learn how to create a MOOC. yes
Judit Hungary – I am also new on board and excited. yes
Natasa Austria – I will be following you maybe
Tamas Hungary – I would also like to take part yes
Kristina Slovakia – I would like also to be a part
Andrea Slovakia – I would like to learn how to create a MOOC
Agnes Hope to be making MOOCs one day…
Wolfix Interested in learning new things
Wolfgang Austria – looking forward to experiencing my first mooc at first hand and interacting with all of you. yes
Tomas Lithuania – Learn about MOOCs yes
Jasmin Bosnia and Herzegovina – looking forward to know about MOOC learning approach yes
Dino Bosnia and Herzegovina – I am looking forward starting MOOC yes
Andrea Austria – Fascinated by MOOCs yes
Markus Austria – It’s time for walking the MOOC talk maybe
Melanie Austria – Curious if I can also use MOOCs for class maybe
Bence Hungary, Netherlands, Austria – I think it could be quite helpful to learn more about MOOCs yes
Giedre Lithuania – MOOCS is very interesting way for distance studies yes
Inga Lithuania – I want to get more knowledge about MOOCs yes
Nedim Bosnia and Herzegovina -Truly, I am seeking new knowledge and information and MOOC might help to spread my working network along with new friendships. My aim is implementing MOOC in daily routines as something useful and valuable. yes
Slavenko Bosnia and Herzegovina – It would be great to get knowledge about MOOC teaching and learning approach. yes
Yanislav Bulgaria
Irena Lithuania -I know that MOOC will be very useful for me in the nearest future. yes
Saulius Lithuania -I don’t know a lot about MOOCs. So, it is time to get some knowledge. maybe
Michaela Austria – We support others in developing curricula and I hope that I can learn new stuff about developing MOOCS maybe
Marlene Austria – I have experience as a participant in MOOCs (about 4 years ago) and I am interested in this MOOC because who knows one day I may be designing my own MOOC for students!? maybe
Klaus Austria – I want to learn, how I can use a mood for my work.
Christian Austria – I am excited learning how to produce a MOOC yes
Husnija Bosnia and Herzegovina – Motivated to learn something new yes
Monika Slovenia – Motivated to get to know the MOOC maybe
Gediminas Lithuania – I would like to know more about MOOC maybe
Sujit Hungary – hope this is the way to join the MOOC all the best maybe
Kinga Hungary – Looking forward to the MOOC learning achievements hopefully
Paolo Italy – Learn the approach and development of MOOC yes
Antonella Italy – Like to learn what a MOOC is yes
Laura Italy – Ready to learn the approach of a MOOC yes
Mojca Slovenia – Use MOOC for Atletyc project
Andreja Slovenia – Get new knowledge about MOOC yes
Lili Hungary – Learning about MOOC
Luisa Italy – Knowing everything about a MOOC
Jožef Slovenia – Learn something new, really exciting yes
Valeria Italy – Interested into how to build a MOOC as a e-lerning tool yes
Chiara Turin – preparing an undergraduate thesis focused on the elearning proposals in the Italian universities
Tanja Slovenia – I sort of “fell” into this MOOC, so I have no clear expectations, so let+’s see where it goes:)
Roberto Italy – Very interested to knowing everything about a MOOC!