Week 1: Getting started and socialize

Monday 7.11. – Sunday 13.11.2016

Jutta Pauschenwein & Thomas Sommerer (supporting you as facilitators and moderators/conveners)

To learn in a MOOC requires specific competences.

In this week we will support you in gaining an insight into our MOOC concept, in reflecting about competences for learning in a MOOC and in sharing the competences and networks you will bring into our MOOC.

Learning objectives

You will

  • get familiar with the concept of this MOOC
  • socialize with the other learners in the MOOC
  • reflect about your competences and networks

Jutta and Thomas welcome the learners and give an insight into the MOOC camp.

Introduction and first assignment

To start to learn in the MOOC camp we invite you to browse through the introductory material, watch some videos and say hello in the Assignment 1.1.

Learning in a MOOC and second assignment

In our MOOC approach we value exchange and networking. Get a deeper understanding how our approach works and reflect about your online collaborations and networks in Assignment 1.3.

Learners’ Materials

1 Comment

  1. Doris Kiendl

    Dear facilitators and dear learners,

    I am very curious to interact with you in this MOOC and to learn from you and jointly with you!

    I think that this is the beauty of MOOCs – that it is a social learning adventure.

    Have a nice week,

    Best regards,


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