In a MOOC there is an abundance of materials, people, ideas …. and nobody can check everything or do every task! The learners in the AtLETyc Mooc Camp are free where and how to themselves into this learning experience.


Facilitators are responsible for the content of their week, they provide learning material, videos and tasks / questions. They will support the learners in their learning processes giving feedback to questions around the topic of the week.

Gravatar – your picture showing in the comments

If you want to personalize your picture while posting comments on our site you may find gravatar useful. Go there and subscribe with the email-adress you’re using here on the site. Upload a picture and connect it with your email-adress.

Moderator / Convener

The moderators will monitor the learning processes and support students. They will observe what’s happening, they summarize this information and structure the weeks with there posts. They decide about the badges too.


There is no special technology needed. Internet connection, browser, video players are sufficient. Of course a good internet connection helps 🙂

Your questions

If you have any questions please write a comment to this page. We will answer your question and insert it into our FAQ.


  1. Valeria Gherardini

    Hi, I did twice the assignement n. 7 linking some videos I would have liked to upload, but at the end I do not see my posts, could you please check if I did something wrong and what I can do? Thanks

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein

      Don’t know what happened. Now it is visible, sorry about the delay!

  2. Valeria Gherardini

    hello, I would like to use Gravatar, but when I go on the web site it is written I should have a wordpress e-mail address (it could be free); can you confirm we can use the e-mail address we are using here? Thanks

    1. Jutta Pauschenwein

      Hi Valeria, here – in the MOOC Camp – you can use any email adress you want and it will not be visible on the website. But for Gravatar you need an wordpress address. Registration to gravatar is not that easy … I remember 😉 I did it years ago but afterwards it worked and it works until now ! Bye, Jutta

      1. Valeria Gherardini

        thanks Jutta, At the moment I am about to try then to use pics remaining on the MOOC Camp


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