Hi everybody!

I’m Jutta and I’m happy that you visit our MOOC camp website. You make ask:

Why another MOOC?

In my experience – and I love to learn in MOOCs – every MOOC is exciting because you involve yourself in a new subject with new people. And online groups can really broaden your perspectives – at least I learned a lot from very different people online.

And ask:

But why this MOOC?

In the AtLETyc project we have the challenge to build and offer a MOOC. As the project group is very heterogeneous and the ideas about MOOCs are very mixed we decided to build a MOOC camp how to build a MOOC.

And ask:

But what kind of MOOC do you want to build?

There are so many MOOCs out there in the virtual space. In so many different platforms and with different objectives, pedagogy, people, …. So …. in this MOOC camp we invite you to think about building a MOOC as we did in our cope15 MOOC: not in a platform – but with WordPress, using videos – but not too many, learner driven and with a lot of comments.

And ask:

Is your approach a special one?

Every MOOC provider would say ‘of course’, wouldn’t they? Maybe our MOOC is special because we try to support learners as facilitators, conveners and moderators. In cope15 with about 500 registered and 300 active learners this approach worked well.

And if you have really read all that text and you want to know more look at ‘overview‘ or ‘signup‘ for out AtLETyc MOOC camp. Your welcome 🙂

Here is a video from our cope15 MOOC. It’s fun to watch, have a look!


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