2nd Videochat Livestream – Wednesday, 17:00 (CET)

Tomorrow, Wednesday – November 23rd – 17:00 (CET), there will be the second live stream here in our AtLETyC MOOC Camp!

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(People involved : Doris, Irena, Thomas, Tomas, Valeria)

  • Irena and Tomas from Lithuania and Valeria from Italy will reflect their experience as learners in this MOOC and discuss the next steps in the AtLETyC project.
  • Doris Kiendl-Wendner and Thomas Sommerer from the Fh Joanneum will be responsible for moderation.

You can watch the chat live by clicking on the video below (The stream will start on Wednesday, 23rd November, 17:00 CET).

When you click on the video now it will give you an error message (maybe in German). Please ignore the message and be patient. We will start punctually.

Please read the post how will the video chat work for further information.

As moderators Doris and Thomas would like to forward your questions and observations to our hangout guests. So please, post your questions in the comment section below! You can post something spontaneously during the hangout as well, as Thomas will check this website and bring the questions into the hangout.

If you haven’t seen our last hangout, you can watch it here:

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