Rhythm in a MOOC

In week 2 we can perceive the rhythm in this MOOC, the waves of interaction and silence.


  • On Sunday evening we publicized the new content of week 2.
  • We scheduled the post of introduction for Monday morning.

Silence !

  • On Monday there was silence, nothing happened – a challenge for us moderators!
  • We run and check: do all the links work? Did we provide all necessary information?
  • We met and discussed this silence and tried to put our minds at ease by making jokes.
  • On Tuesday I decided to motivate learners with a new post. It was important that there are already some answers to the assignments of this week before the video chat.

First comments

  • And it worked! The learners posted the first answers.

Video Chat

  • The video chat in a MOOC feels a little bit like meeting face-to-face, as Melanie wrote:

Hi Aela, after the Hangout Session I feel a little as if I know you.

More comments

  • From Wednesday on there came more comments and I decided to put the answers to the first assignment in a new page to make it better visible 🙂
  • I’m happy that already some learners worked on assignment 4 and 5 as well.


  • At some point the facilitators should give feedback. In my experience it is not so easy to find the right time to do so. On the one hand the learners should feel free to do the assignment as it works for them – there’s no right or wrong. On the other hand the facilitator’s / expert’s feedback could support the learning process.
  • I will give a summative feedback about the assignment 3 today later on.

This wave of actual work and sharing of ideas in our MOOC Camp will slow down during the weekend and then a new week with a new rythm will start 🙂

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