How will the video chat work?

Next Wednesday 16. November 17:00 (CET) a video chat will take place in the MOOC Camp. You may ask:

What’s that? And how will it work?

We are using the Hangout on Air tool of Google. To get a first impression you can take a look at one of the video chats of the cope15-MOOC

There’s one person in the middle of the screen, this is Rupert speaking. And there are small windows at the bottom where you can see the video of the other participants. In the small window at the left you can read Rupert’s name (if your eyes work well enough, I need a lot of fantasy to read it).


About the video chat tool

The Hangout has the nice features

  • that you can discuss with a maximum of 10 persons,
  • that video and audio works rather nicely,
  • that it is live streamed in Youtube – which means that everybody can watch it during our discussion,
  • and that there’s a video automatically produced after the video chat. So people can watch it afterwards – therefore you can now watch the video of week 1 in the cope15 MOOC though the discussion took place over a year ago.

People in the video chat

I’m sorry that not every learner in the MOOC Camp can join the video chat. This would be too confusing. We will ask two learners to share their experiences with us in the video chat and we will support them to test technology before.

But we we would of course like to connect with all of you as well. The people in the video chat will be Thomas and I (in our role as moderators), Doris Kiendl-Wendner as expert of building and offering the cope-MOOCs and two learners of the MOOC Camp.

Your Questions

You are welcome to post any questions for us as comments to this post.

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