Our MOOC learners

You can learn in this MOOC without account, password or anything similar. If you want to engage by writing comments you can do this using a nickname (you have to insert an email address as well, which will not be displayed).

But …. for us moderators and conveners it is easier to have some ideas about the learners. Therefore we asked you to sign up. In the learners’ page nicknames, motivation and reason why you want to learn in this MOOC are listed. I like it that you come from so different countries.

For some of you this is the first MOOC. This means that on the one hand you will learn in your first MOOC and on the other  hand simultaneously you will reflect how to build a MOOC. That’s great 🙂

Other learners have already some experience with MOOCs and write

one day I may be designing my own MOOC for students!?

Yes, it would be great if some of you start to build your own MOOCs soon.

One recommendation: at the home page there’s the possibility to subscribe to the MOOC Camp. If you subscribe you will receive notifications about the progress of the MOOC.

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