How to build week 2 & 3 in the MOOC Camp

Next Monday we will start with our MOOC camp and we are already rather excited about it.

Week 1

This week as previously described should provide you with a good start into the MOOC Camp. But what about Week 2 and Week 3?

Week 2

focusses on text in MOOCs. In a MOOC of course there’s text to structure the weeks, to give some information around videos and assignments. Some MOOCs contain a lot of video material, prepared for  learners who love to learn by watching videos. Our MOOC Camp focusses on exercises and learners’ activities. Using templates you will concretize your ideas about a MOOC and in exchange with other learners and the facilitators you will get feedback.


On Wednesday 16.11. 17:00 (CET) we will discuss what’s happening in the MOOC in a video chat.

Week 3

In this week based on the structure of your MOOC (or a MOOC week) you further examine learning materials for MOOCs. You reflect about the importance of images in a MOOC and think about how you would like to present yourself in your MOOC. In this week you will get hints and ideas how to create a learning video. There’s the possibility to do a small video by yourself. We are looking forward to your videos!

This was my first experiment with a video chat … and you can see how I spoke with the computer, as the person I invited into the chat didn’t come …

As week 3 is the final week of the MOOC Camp we will as well conclude the MOOC Camp with a reflection about the learning experiences.

On Wednesday 23.11. 17:00 (CET) we will discuss your learning experiences in a video chat.


  1. Captain Elizabeta

    I am already now very curious and a bit nervous about the video ;-))!

  2. Thomas Sommerer

    Thanks for the overview! 😉 The best idea is always to try things practically, so it makes sense to be an active MOOC participant 😉


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