How to spend time in a MOOC

I love MOOCs because I can learn a lot of different topics together with people from around the world. Every time I attend a MOOC I get new ideas, aspects, a new perspective.

  • I started to learn in MOOCs in Sep. 2011 in the change11 MOOC of George Siemens and Stephen Downes (the so-called “mother of all MOOCs, a real monster  of 35 weeks) – this MOOC was totally open and very chaotic! I got so many ideas in this MOOC!
  • In the creativity MOOC of Tina Selig, Stanford University, 2013, I was part of a group of 30 (out of about 25.000 registered learners) and with the support of this group I learned to be a bit more creative). In addition I got to know an e-learning platform2.0 NovoEd which was amazing.
  • In the Social Network Analysis MOOC of Lada Adamic, 2014, platform Coursera, I learned to visualize online-interaction. For an example see here.
  • Furthermore I practice my Spanish in different MOOCs which are provided in Spanish – I like the exchange with people from Latin America. I finished Contar Historias para el Cambio MOOC –  a MOOC about Storytelling, offered by Acumen (using Novoed).
  • At the moment I’m learning in Matt Silady’s Comics: Art in Relationship MOOC – I love it and hate it and am stuck in week 4.

Probably I’m old-fashioned but I try very hard to finish a MOOC each year and to reflect at the end what I have learned. I realize that these MOOCs had a considerable impact on my way of work and on my life.


  1. jupidu

    Great that you got a better idea and now it’s up to you to her your own MOOC experience 🙂

  2. Captain Elizabeta

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I have now a better idea what learning in MOOCs is about. And how to spend time in a MOOC …


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