Learners / travelers in our MOOC Camp

This image is one of the photos I took in Argentine during my extended visit last autumn. It’s near the Talampaya National Park. Learning and traveling have a lot in common. You have a plan (more or less), there are some paths that you can follow, you will meet new people, you have to face insecurity, there are unexpected outcomes waiting for you. And hopefully you are very happy from time to time 🙂

I would love it if our learners in the MOOC Camp experience some of these aspects during the three weeks of our MOOC.

Fifteen learners wrote a comment at the signup page and declared ‘officially’ that they want to participate. They are an international group coming from Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia. They plan to engage in the MOOC Camp, 2/3 are interested into the badge. I’m looking forward to share our travel experience in the MOOC camp, to surprise them (maybe), to support them, to get to know them a little bit.

Recta Tin Tin 

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