How to build week 1 in the MOOC camp

If you take a look at the What to learn in this MOOC page, you can see that Thomas and I will support you in this first week as facilitators (or experts – or how you want to call us – which means that we know stuff about a MOOC) and as moderators (or conveners – or how you want to call us – which means that we will support you on your first steps in our MOOC camp).

In Week 1 in this MOOC camp between Monday 7.11. and Sunday 13.11.2016 you will gain some insights on how to learn in our MOOC, you will tell us a little bit about yourself and you will get to know some of the other learners.

As this MOOC is about building a MOOC we will let you know how we approach the creation of week 1. First I’m remembering week 1 in our #cope15 MOOC where we focussed on (1)  explaining how our MOOC works and invite the learners to connect to each other (similar to our week 1 here) and (2) promoting communication across boarders – which is no specific focus in this MOOC camp. In #cope15 we prepared three pages in week 1: a main page and two sub-pages (the learner materials’ page was added later on). We created four videos and four assignments.

And I’m reflecting my experience with other MOOCs where I got to know interesting people, great subjects and acquired useful skills. At the moment I’m learning in the Comics: Art in Relationship MOOC offered by Matt Silady. So … how should we build week 1 to make it inspiring and fun? I think we will create two videos and two assignments and additional material to read or watch. We will see …. Three weeks left to prepare the AtLETyc MOOC camp 🙂

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