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Finalizing the MOOC Camp

Officially the MOOC Camp has finished. But the flexibility of time is one of the beauties of online learning 🙂 There are some days left to finish the assignments in the MOOC Camp for those who want to get a badge – deadline: 30. November. It would be great if learners who aim for the badge deliver the reflection assignment as well. Nevertheless learners can learn and engage in the MOOC Camp after this deadline as well. The moderation will continue during the whole week. I’m happy that you have uploaded the first videos in assignment 7. To profit from…
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Feedback to the assignments of week 2

Dear learners, I’m very excited about your work with regard to the assignments 3,4,5. You got involved into the topic of week 2 and did a good job to develop concrete ideas for your future MOOC! When you are reading my feedback please keep in mind that it’s only the opinion of one person. Don’t take me too serious. If my thoughts are useful, implement them, if not forget them! And … Thomas and I as well didn’t fulfill all the requirements in this MOOC Camp 😉 Assignment 3 First I found it amazing that some of you wrote an introductory text for…
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Rhythm in a MOOC

In week 2 we can perceive the rhythm in this MOOC, the waves of interaction and silence. Preparation On Sunday evening we publicized the new content of week 2. We scheduled the post of introduction for Monday morning. Silence ! On Monday there was silence, nothing happened – a challenge for us moderators! We run and check: do all the links work? Did we provide all necessary information? We met and discussed this silence and tried to put our minds at ease by making jokes. On Tuesday I decided to motivate learners with a new post. It was important that there are already…
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Videochat in the MOOC Camp

The video chat was an amazing experience. As always the technique didn’t work at the beginning. Thomas opened the video chat half an hour before the actual time and we struggled with audio, start of the hangout … At least all the web cameras worked. Nearly all the problems were solved at 17:00 CET. And hopefully the learners didn’t perceive how we improvised and changed our well planned agenda 🙂 Nevertheless the hangout worked well and we are satisfied. The video chat gives the opportunity to connect with the learners – and of course I was happy about the positive…
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Work to do in week 2

In this second week of the MOOC Camp there’s concrete work to do. The learners are invited to translate their ideas of a possible MOOC into real text 🙂 Start to read and watch the infos at  Week 2: About text in MOOC and try to do assignment 3. Enjoy 🙂 If you have any problems and / or questions, please post a comment here!

Jutta and Thomas discuss week 2 and the importance of text in a MOOC

Time goes by very quickly and here we are, already in week 2 of our MOOC Camp – therefore Jutta and Thomas discussed in a short video chat, what to expect in week 2 and if text creation is still important and relevant in the age of video and animated content. Check it out – and sorry that my hair is messy, Thomas didn’t warn me. Week 2 contains one page of content: Week 2: About text in a MOOC and three assignments. Don’t forget that there is no obligation for you to do all the assignments. Of course you will profit…
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Learners’ material of Week 1

It’s nice to have time and visit the MOOC Camp during the weekend. I read all the comments again and collected what seemed to be relevant for me in the Learners’ Materials page. You did great work in this first week of the MOOC Camp! In our MOOC approach the role of the moderator and convener is an important one.  Thomas and I look, what’s happening, we are reacting, commenting, collecting useful information. With our work we try to make the MOOC environment more friendly and engaging, we aim to strengthen learners’ motivation. Of course in the MOOC Camp we are a rather small…
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What’s happening in week one?

We are at the end of a rather intense MOOC week. About fifty learners officially signed up, and as much where active at the website. At the moment there are about 200 comments on the website, many of them from Thomas and me of course, but also many from the learners. The MOOC environment Each learning environment is confusing at the beginning. We all remember students straying around in the campus, searching for their classrooms. One could imagine that in an e-learning environment it’s easier to develop clear structures. Unfortunately it isn’t. At the moment I am still a bit confused and…
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How will the video chat work?

Next Wednesday 16. November 17:00 (CET) a video chat will take place in the MOOC Camp. You may ask: What’s that? And how will it work? We are using the Hangout on Air tool of Google. To get a first impression you can take a look at one of the video chats of the cope15-MOOC There’s one person in the middle of the screen, this is Rupert speaking. And there are small windows at the bottom where you can see the video of the other participants. In the small window at the left you can read Rupert’s name (if your eyes work well enough, I…
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How do you really build a MOOC?

In the middle of week 1 in our MOOC Camp I’m reflecting on our approach. We have a real motivation for this AtLETyc MOOC Camp – we promised the ‘EU’ in our project proposal of the AtLETyc project that we will build a MOOC to activate and support learning across borders and for diverse learners with individual learning experiences / backgrounds. Therefore the idea to build and offer a MOOC about how to build a MOOC was a nice and appreciated idea at our kick-off meeting. And it resonates well with learners in the MOOC Camp who aren’t part of the AtLETyc project.…
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