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Post your reflection!

With this post we want to remind you, to post your reflection in assignment 8. Reflect your own experience in this MOOC and share it with the other learners – sharing experiences helps to display the strength and problems within a platform like this and what can be done better in the future! We also want to invite you to comment on the reflections from the other learners and describe if you agree or disagree or if you had any similar experiences. Don’t forget about the other tasks in week 3! 🙂 I like the assignment from Marc very much,…
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How to get your MOOC Camp badge

The MOOC Camp slowly but surely comes to end, so we want to remind you, that you can receive a badge/certificate, but you have to accomplish the assignments of the week. If you have accomplished at least one assignment of a week, you’ll receive a badge/certificate of participation in this MOOC Camp, signed by the moderators and facilitators Doris, Jutta, Thomas and Elizabeta. You can accomplish all assignments until the end of november (DEADLINE: 30th November). Then we will make a final check of the assignments and we will send the certificate to those who fullfilled the assignement tasks.This is…
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Watch the second hangout talk

Yesterday we held the second and last hangout in our AtLETyC MOOC Camp. The moderators Thomas and Doris talked and discussed with MOOC learners and partners, Irena and Tomas from Lithuania and Valeria from Italy. The topics were their experience in the MOOC Camp, how they handled the assignments, their interaction with other learners and their next steps they are going to take in preparing the AtLETyC MOOC for the athletes. Check out the entire hangout: Here is the video from the first hangout:

2nd Videochat Livestream – Wednesday, 17:00 (CET)

Tomorrow, Wednesday – November 23rd – 17:00 (CET), there will be the second live stream here in our AtLETyC MOOC Camp! (People involved : Doris, Irena, Thomas, Tomas, Valeria) Irena and Tomas from Lithuania and Valeria from Italy will reflect their experience as learners in this MOOC and discuss the next steps in the AtLETyC project. Doris Kiendl-Wendner and Thomas Sommerer from the Fh Joanneum will be responsible for moderation. You can watch the chat live by clicking on the video below (The stream will start on Wednesday, 23rd November, 17:00 CET). When you click on the video now it will give you an…
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Welcome to week 3

Welcome to week 3, now it’s time to get creative! Click on the links below and read all about picture & video creation in a MOOC! To create pictures or videos for the first time, may seem a little bit intimidating, but with practice comes confidence! 🙂 Links to the contents of week 3: Week 3: Picturize your MOOC Week 3: Videorize your MOOC Week 3: Assignment 6: Upload your picture Week 3: Assignemnt 7: Upload your video Week 3: Assignment 8: Reflection  

Videochat Livestream – Wednesday, 17:00 (CET)

Tomorrow, Wednesday – November 16th – 17:00 (CET), there will be our first live stream here in our AtLETyC MOOC Camp! (people involved : Doris, Elizabeta, Aela, Jutta, Thomas) Doris Kiendl-Wendner from FH Joanneum will join the hangout as an expert on how to build and offer a MOOC. Elizabeta (FH Joanneum) and Aela (University of Sarajevo) will reflect their role as learners in the MOOC Camp Jutta Pauschenwein and Thomas Sommerer will be responsible for moderation. You can watch the chat live by clicking on the video below (The stream will start on Wednesday, 16th November, 17:00 CET). When you click on…
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What are MOOCs about?

What is the basic idea behind MOOCs? MOOCs were developed to make university courses accessible for everyone who’s interested and wants to join, regardless to where people reside or their financial capabilities. That’s why MOOCs are basically open and accessible for everyone. That premise is also the root of the name MOOC: Massive Open Online Course. With time different MOOC models were developed, like the more university-scheduled xMOOC or the cMOOC, with looser structures and more user responsibility. One big further advantage of a MOOC is the possibility to connect and network with people you might would have never seen…
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Jutta and Thomas say “Hello” and talk about the upcoming MOOC Camp

The start of the AtLETyC MOOC Camp is not too far away. For that reason the moderators Jutta and Thomas made a little welcome video, where they introduce themselves and talk about the development of this MOOC Camp and what they are excited about and expect in this MOOC. Have a look: Haven’t signed up yet? Sign in and join the MOOC makers Club for free 😉

How to personalize your profile picture

It’s always nice to have a personalized profile in an online discussion forum, because it helps to communicate on a personal level and it looks better as well. 🙂 If you want to have your own profile picture beside your posts, follow these steps: Go to Create an account with the E-mail address you use in this MOOC Upload a profile picture and personalize your profile Save the changes – your E-mail address is now synchronized with your gravatar profile. If you are more into visuals, here is a nice video tutorial on how to successfully upload your profile…
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