How do you really build a MOOC?

In the middle of week 1 in our MOOC Camp I’m reflecting on our approach.

We have a real motivation for this AtLETyc MOOC Camp – we promised the ‘EU’ in our project proposal of the AtLETyc project that we will build a MOOC to activate and support learning across borders and for diverse learners with individual learning experiences / backgrounds. Therefore the idea to build and offer a MOOC about how to build a MOOC was a nice and appreciated idea at our kick-off meeting. And it resonates well with learners in the MOOC Camp who aren’t part of the AtLETyc project. There’s the teacher who dreams about a MOOC for her students or the teacher trainer who would love to offer a MOOC for her colleagues or the consultant who wants to offer a MOOC about health promotion.

Discussing the potential for and the expectations about the MOOC Camp I quickly had ideas about the topics of the MOOC weeks. The first week should be about orientation, the learners should present themselves and connect. Dealing with the MOOC Camp they should get a first impression and hopefully a positive emotion to be part of this learning experience. In the second and third week our learners should build components of their own MOOC.

And now at the middle of week 1 and nearly finalizing week 2 and discussing week 3 (based on a lot of great ideas from Thomas) I’m feeling a little bit insecure. Is there enough learning material? Are there enough questions and ideas for learners to engage? Did we define our objectives and topics in a suitable way? What do our learners need? How can we strengthen exchange and networking?

Week 2 about text in MOOCs will contain three assignments and we expect our learners to work on them and make their ideas about a MOOC (week) more concrete. Will they be happy with this pragmatic approach of learning by doing?

Probably it’s the job of a teacher / trainer / facilitator / moderator / convener to deal with these questions and uncertainties. Maybe you will encounter these questions as well when you prepare your MOOC. Don’t get too nervous about them! We teachers and providers of learning spaces create scenarios as good as we can and invest as much time as we have (Hopefully you imagine that I’m struggling with time constraints as intensely as you do!). So let’s see how the MOOC Camp will progress 🙂

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